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Niedziela, Zieliński & Wspólnicy is a law firm providing legal services to both Polish and foreign commercial entities. The expertise and long-term experience of our partners and lawyers allow us to offer top-quality professional legal services. Our supreme goal is to protect the interests of our Clients by ensuring that the cases entrusted to us are handled so as to bring the most effective outcome. Our services encompass all branches of law related to conducting economic activity, with a particular emphasis on issues related to real estate, construction, labor and commercial law, public procurement and contracts.

Our services are delivered with utmost thoroughness and care for the interests of our Clients. As members of the Bar Council and the Chamber of Legal Advisers, we are bound by the corporate code of professional conduct.


We are a member of the Parlex Group - a network of law firms established in 1971, which affiliates professional law firms from all over Europe and the United States, China, Israel and Malaysia.

Our membership in the Parlex Group gives us the certainty that our Clients can gain instant access to specialized legal advice also while abroad.

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